fishingBaitcasting rods can double the pleasure of the fishermen with their agility.  An experienced angler can feel the control and perfection every time he grips the rod. If this type of rod is paired with a compatible baitcasting reel the fisherman can bait and do very well in any fishing competition or at lesiure. Many rods of this type come with a reel attached to them or you may buy a more suitable one seperately. Reels are specially designed for fishing in both fresh water and in salt water. Generally in freshwater fishing comparatively a medium sized light reel does the work. While in salt water where the fishing is done offshore, a heavy duty reel is more suitable. The rods have a robust built. This built supports to catch fishes from small to medium to big size with the utmost satisfaction of the angler. The reel is designed in such a way that at the time of releasing the line it unspools smoothly. A trigger is affixed on the rod so that when the line is getting released fast still then the fisherman has a strong grip on the pole. Anglers should personally choose their rods as according to the category of fishing they are going for and obviously the rods that suit their budget.

It is advisable to practice casting with this rod in an open space by fixing a target before going to catch fishes. At the time of fishing the rod should be hold in such a way that the reel handle is positioned upright. The line is controlled with the thumb. At the time of casting, the pressure of the thumb should be released so as to move out the line following the guides of the rod.

Baitcasing rods can be made of different materials like graphite, fiberglass etc. These rods are straight, light and hardy. A very good instrument for the inexperienced fishermen. Most commonly fiberglass rods are used in fishing. Rods made with both the materials are flexible, strong and have good balance. Comparatively graphite is lighter than of fiberglass. But its strength and durability exceeds than its counterpart. Graphite rods are costlier than the fiberglass rods.

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